Hello. We deliver cutting edge digital marketing solutions for the Hospitality Industry.

This is performance-based digital marketing for hoteliers. Drive direct bookings & gain market share with our innovative digital marketing strategies.

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Our direct bookings strategies deliver bookings at 20% less cost than OTA bookings.


Reach travelers at just the right moment with targeted advertising on Google, Facebook & more.


Drive direct bookings through metasearch platforms like TripAdvisor, Kayak, Google Hotel Ads, Airbnb, etc.

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This is next-generation digital marketing for Hoteliers.

Increase Direct Bookings

Our multi-channel digital strategies will put your property in front of travelers at the right place & time. We combine SEO and targeted advertising to deliver real-time reservations for 20% less than OTA's like TripAdvisor & Expedia.

Advanced Marketing Technologies

We partner with best-of-breed technology companies to bring you solutions that personalize the visitor experience including website personalization, WiFi marketing, as well as innovative restaurant & dining solutions.

Loyalty Programs

Combine smart rewards strategies & leverage our network of loyalty program participants to build & grow a rewards program that increases brand loyalty and provides direct booking incentives that go beyond price.

Drive Incremental Revenue

Leverage data on guest behavior, demographics, and interests for more effective marketing. Use marketing automation to introduce additional products, packages, and promotions to improve their visit.

Advertise your hotel, restaurant, resort, or trip on platforms like these.

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Our multi-channel advertising campaigns deliver real-time reservations & help you regain control of the bookings process.



Per Month

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  • Google AdWords
  • Google Remarketing Ads
  • Dynamic Banner Ads
  • YouTube Video Ads


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  • In-Stream Remarketing Ads
  • Intent-Based Ads
  • Dynamic Ads for Travel
  • Beautiful Canvas Ads


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  • Ads for Direct Bookings
  • Google Hotel Price Ads
  • Trip Advisor
  • Skyscanner, Etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to make our program simple & transparent. If you have questions, please reach out!

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    Expect real-time reservations & transparent results with KPI-driven reporting that your whole team will love. Your direct bookings program will be designed to hit specific performance goals for cost, booking volume, average daily rate.

  • Why is this better than the standard OTA model?

    Our direct bookings program delivers bookings for roughly 20% less cost than TripAdvisor or Expedia, and provides far more value. We work as your strategic partner to drive revenue & to help you regain control of the bookings process.

  • Do I still need to work with OTA's for bookings?

    Online Travel Agencies are not going away. They provide travelers options as a discovery network and help streamline the bookings process. With big advertising budgets and streamlined user platforms, their is a significant portion of the market that will continue to book with them.

  • Do you offer a guarantee on bookings?

    If we do not meet or performance estimates for # of bookings generated each month, we will refund you 150% of any setup costs for your campaign. Our estimates are data baked and all campaigns are transparent and highly measurable.

These are what some other industry leaders had to say about their direct bookings programs.

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"We’ve been working very hard on strategies to have more direct relationships with customers..."

“We’ve been working very hard on strategies to have more direct relationships with customers, which I know sometimes can get interpreted as a marketing campaign like Stop Clicking Around or whatever, but it’s a much more complex and holistic approach to make sure what we’re doing with product, what we’re doing with service, what we’re doing with technology, what we’re doing with very specific parts of the Honors program … [is] working and getting more people in the program and a higher percentage of them engaged and higher percentage of them booking direct with us,” 

Chris Nassetta - CEO, Hilton

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“Member rates are just another feature that we’ve added to our rewards members, which is an even lower rate if they book direct."

“Member rates are just another feature that we’ve added to our rewards members, which is an even lower rate if they book direct. But, we give our long-timers a lot of other promotions and a lot of other benefits. They get points. They get benefits. They get upgrades. They get early check-in. They get late check out. They get this and that so it’s just another benefit for our loyalty members, a substantial one and yes, they get a lower rate if they book direct and we think it makes sense for them and for us and for our owners.”

Elie Maalouf - CEO, International Hotels Group (IHG)